Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarms

If your home or business premises are NOT pre-wired for an intruder alarm then a wireless system would best suite this installation.  A wireless or RF system would include as standard

1 x Control Panel

1 x Keypad

1 x External Bell (Wireless)

1 x decoy external Bell

1 x fused spur

1 x Internal Bell (Wireless)

1 x EQA compliance certificate

1 x backup battery (7 amp/Hour)

Magnetic contacts (RF Wireless) these are wireless sensors that activate when a door or window is opened

Shock Sensors (RF Wireless) these are wireless devices that activate when a door or window is attacked or shocked

MC Shock sensor (RF or Wireless) these are wireless combinations of both magnetic and shock sensors as described above

Panic button (RF Wireless)

P.I.R . Motion sensor (RF Wireless)

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