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Self Monitored alarms…

This is done by fitting a G.S.M/Wi-Fi device to the alarm panel and creating an account with a company called securecomm https://securecomm.hkc.ie/ an app needs to be downloaded to a compatible smart phone and when your secruecomm account is activated you will have an I.D number to login to the downloaded app, this type of self-monitoring requires direct debit mandate and the annual cost is around 68 Euro. You alarm system is fully controlled from your phone and activation alerts are sent to your phone.

Max Security will setup your monitoring account, install the app and be on-hand to help setup the required direct debit. 

Monitoring Made Easy

The HKC SecureComm is available for Apple, Android and Windows devices. The App can downloaded to your mobile phone and ready to use to manage your security system with ease.

  • Set & Unset
  • Receive Notifications and Alerts
  • Virtual Keypad
  • Event Log
  • Connected Home Schedule

For more information on Self Monitored Alarms please contact or call 0879137475

Self Monitored alarms App