Hardwired Alarms

Hardwired Alarms.  If your home or business premises is pre-wired (Hardwired) for an intruder alarm as most new homes are now, then a hardwired system would be the best suited for this installation.

Hardwired Alarms would include the following equipment

1 x alarm panel

1 x external bell

1 x decoy external bell

1 x fused spur (3 amp)

1 x internal bell

1 x EQA compliance certificate

1 x back up battery (7 amp/hour)

Magnetic contacts these are door and window sensors that activate when the door/window is opened

Shock Sensors: these can be fitted to doors or windows but activate when a door or window is attacked or forced open

M.C. shock sensors are a device that combines both magnetic and shock sensors as described above.

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