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Alarm Maintenance…

Alarm Maintenance: The EN50131 standard dictates that for a system to retain its standard it must be maintained annually and if this is not done the system loses its certification so to comply with this a maintenance agreement is issue along with the compliance cert.   The annual service is done 1 year after installation and a maintenance cert is provided.  If a maintenance agreement is not required we will provide and repairs as required.

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Intruder Alarm Guide.

The below guide has been put together to assist you if you are installing an intruder alarm system for the first time or if you already have an alarm system and want to ensure it works. The following will help you to source an alarm system that meets your needs and legislative requirements, understand what is required to maintain an alarm system and ensure its effective in response to an incident. The below guide will also allow you to understand what to expect from a PSA licensed alarm installer.

Alarm Maintenance: Installing an Intruder Alarm System

The alarm must be installed by a Private Security Authority (PSA) licensed alarm installer. • The installer should conduct a risk assessment of the property where the alarm is being installed. • The alarm installer will present you with different options:

o Unmonitored audible alarm system o Self-notification alarm system

o Monitored alarm system A monitored intruder alarm system is designed to transmit an alarm to a PSA licenced Alarm Receiving Centre. Trained operators at the alarm receiving centre will contact your designed key holders and the relevant authorities in the event of a verified alarm activation.

Alarm Maintenance: Maintaining an Alarm System

It is very important to test your alarm system on a regular basis to ensure that your alarm system works. The best way to ensure that your alarm system functions correctly is to have a preventative maintenance contract. The maintenance work must be carried out by a PSA licensed alarm contractor. This will ensure that the following is completed:

• Annual maintenance visits by your security alarm contractor.

• Visual checks for signs of wear and tear.

• Batteries are checked and replaced if necessary.

• Test operations of all internal and external sirens, sounders and motion sensors.

• Test sensitivity of shock sensors and panic buttons.

• Test operation of all contact points.

• Site walk around and test of all fixings.

• Test alarm activation end to end with your alarm receiving centre/designated phone.

• Reset alarm codes if required.

• Complete and provide you with a service report.

• Ensure keyholder details are up to date if your alarm is monitored.

Corrective Maintenance

If your alarm is being regularly maintained this should reduce the need for corrective maintenance.  However, if a fault or emergency occurs with an alarm system your security alarm contractor should cover the following as part of corrective maintenance:

• Work should be carried out in line with a clearly defined response time/SLA.

• An investigation of the reported fault.

• Replacement of faulty equipment from engineer parts stock.

• Where immediate repair is not possible a return visit scheduled as soon as possible.

• Full system test on completion of repairs.

• Completion of a service docket and fault report detailing issues found, work carried out and parts used, with a copy provided to you.

Alarm Maintenance alarm-upgrades From I.S.199 upgrade to EN50131